jio fiber plans in hyderabad

Plan Name Monthly Rental Internet SpeedData LimitUnlimited Calls OTT Apps 
30 MbpsRs 39930 Mbps3,300 GBIncludedN/A
100 MbpsRs 699100 Mbps3,300 GBIncludedN/A
150 MbpsRs 999150 Mbps3,300 GBIncluded
300 MbpsRs 1,499300 Mbps3,300 GBIncluded
500 MbpsRs 2,499500 Mbps3,300 GBIncluded
1 GbpsRs 3,9991 Gbps3,300 GBIncluded
1 GbpsRs 8,4991 Gbps3,300 GBIncluded

All of the jio broadband plans up to the Diamond plan have a fair usage policy of 3,300GB (3TB) of data. 

  1. Lowest Plan

    BronzePricing – Rs 399Speed – 30 Mbps


  2. Highest Plan 
    TitaniumPricing – Rs 8,499Speed – 1 Gbps
Q. Is landline connection is required for jio broadband connection
Answer: – No. Just KYC Documents and pay initial charges as prescribed by the Company.

Q. Is the installation is free, or there are any charges?

Answer: – Please note that Installation is totally free.

Q. Is Jio broadband good?

Answer: – Yes jio fiber, jio broadband plans are good and cheaper

Q. How to buy Jio Gigafiber Broadband connection

Answer: – You need to Sign up for My Jio app and apply it for free, Jio team will connect you, Its all Free process.


Reliance Jio on Monday introduced fresh Jio Fiber broadband plans and additionally revamped several with the try to provide consumers unlimited data at high speed and comparatively lower prices. The provider’s truly unlimited broadband plans today start at Rs 399 per month, which makes Reliance Jio one of the most inexpensive broadband service providers in India.

The Jio Fiber broadband plans move up to R S 8,499 a month for speeds as high as 1Gbps. If you are trying to find a brand new broadband connection or just want to change from another service provider, Jio Fiber is actually a good option to get.

Before we talk about most of the broadband plans Jio offers, you must say that the provider is now providing one calendar month trial on brand new users. You will find two sorts of trial available, under option one customers have to pay for a one-time refundable fee of Rs 2,500 and they will get a free modem and a 4K set-top box. Under this plan, they may acquire unlimited data together with rates of up to 150Mbps and infinite voice calls. They may also receive a complimentary subscription to 10 OTT apps including Disney+ Hotstar VIP, Zee5, Voot, AltBalaji, and much more.

Under the last item, consumers might have to pay for a refundable fee of Rs 1,500 plus they will find a modem that is complimentary. This plan includes unlimited online at 150Mbps together with unlimited voice calling. These two plans will probably be legal for the initial 1 month of this subscription.

Let’s take a quick look at the list of all Jio Fiber plans that Reliance Jio offers to its clients at the moment.

Jio fiber plan nameMonthly rentalInternet speedsFUP Data limitUnlimited callsOTT Apps
BronzeRs 39930 Mbps3,300 GBIncludedN/A
SilverRs 699100 Mbps3,300 GBIncludedN/A
GoldRs 999150 Mbps3,300 GBIncluded11 Apps worth Rs 1,000 per month
DiamondRs 1,499300 Mbps3,300 GBIncluded12 Apps worth Rs 1,500 per month
Diamond+Rs 2,499500 Mbps4,000 GBIncluded12 Apps worth Rs 1,500 per month
PlatinumRs 3,9991 Gbps7,500 GBIncluded12 Apps worth Rs 1,500 per month
TitaniumRs 8,4991 Gbps15,000 GBIncluded12 Apps worth Rs 1,500 per month

The Jio Fiber broadband plans go up to Rs 8,499 per month for speeds of up to 1Gbps.

Jio fiber Bronze Broad Band plan: Price and benefits

Jio Fiber Bronze broadband plan is costing Rs 399 per month. Under this plan, the company provides its clients with infinite data at speeds of 30Mbps.

Jio Fiber Silver Broad Band program: Price and benefits

The Silver plan is priced at Rs 699, which provides users with access to unlimited data at speeds of up to 100Mbps. This plan also includes unlimited voice calling benefits.

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Jio fiber Gold broadband plan: Price and benefits

Under the Gold plan, Jio fiber provides its customers using infinite internet at speeds up to 150 Mbps. Along with that, the firm also provides its clients with unlimited voice calling and a free subscription to 1 1 OTT programs. The Gold plan is priced at Rs 999 a month.

Jio fiber Diamond Broad Band plan: Price and benefits

Under the Diamond plan, which is priced at Rs 1,499, the business offers clients access to unlimited internet using rates as high as 300Mbps. This plan comes with the unlimited calling benefit along with free use of 12 OTT programs worth Rs 1,500 per month.

Reliance Jio starts four Jio fiber programs starting Rs 399:

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The Diamond+ plan will be priced at Rs 2,499 a month and is sold with speeds as high as 500Mbps for up to 4,000GB of information. This plan also includes unlimited calling benefits and a subscription to 12 OTT apps.

Jio fiber Platinum broadband program: Price and benefits

Under the Platinum program, Jio fiber provides clients with up to 7,500GB of data at speeds as high as 1Gbps, at Rs 3,999 a month. Just like the other plans, it also will come with unlimited voice calls. Plus it has a complimentary subscription to 12 OTT programs.

Jio fiber plans delhi

All the tariffs are exclusive of Goods and Service Tax.

Jio fiber Titanium Broad Band plan: Price and benefits

The Titanium plan is costing Rs 8,499 per month and comes with similar benefits to the Platinum plan with just one gap, which is the data FUP. Jio fiber beneath the Titanium plan offers clients 15,000GB of monthly data at speeds of up to 1Gbps.

Jio fiber conditions and requirements to notice

All of these plans are governed by a set variety of stipulations. Here’s a list of the most important conditions and terms that You’re required to know about:

* All the plans up into this Diamond plan have a fair usage policy of 3,300GB (3TB) of data.

* Voice calls will not be charged for at all, until and unless they were created to other nations.

* All of the tariffs are exclusive of Goods and Service Tax.

* One month achieves 1 month.