5G Jio Phone Next


  • Jio Phone Next was revealed at the Reliance Industries AGM-2021 earlier this week
  • Jio, in collaboration with Google, co-developed the handset
  • Jio Phone Next’s closest rivals are Nokia C3, Realme C20 Redmi 9A Redmi 9A Redmi Z1, Redmi 9A and Lava Z1.

Jio Phone Next The company’s low-cost 4G offering, was announced at Thursday’s Reliance 44th AGM. This handset has been co-developed by Google and will run a highly optimised Android version. It will likely include the Jio suite, Google apps (including Play Store accessibility), and Microsoft suite. The Jio Phone Next is expected to be affordable for 300 million of its users who are still stuck on the 2G network. The Jio Phone Next price and specifications in India are yet to be revealed by the company. However, it is expected to retail for less than Rs 5500. Let’s see what Jio Phone Next will look like and how it compares to other handsets.

As stated, Jio Phone Next was developed in collaboration with Google. It will run an optimized version of Android. The phone includes voice assistants for hands-free operation, language translation, auto read-aloud and screen text translation, smart cameras with augmented reality filters, as well as features such a voice assistant. The phone’s boxy design features a volume rocker and power buttons on the right. It features a single rear camera that has an LED flash and a selfie snapper above the screen. The company promises fast software updates as well as optimizations. Jio Phone Next is available in India starting September 10, 2010. The company is yet to reveal the specs and price.

Jio Phone Next – 5G Jio Phone Next Features

Most of the people in India live in villages and they have fewer means of earning, so their economic condition is not good, in such a situation they cannot even imagine a smartphone.

Keeping this in mind, Jio and Google together launched the new smartphone Jio Phone Next, which will be very cheap. This phone can also be easily bought by the common man of the village and they can also use the smartphone.

This phone is going to be a cheap smartphone with ultra-portable out pex cutting edge. The special thing about this phone is that this phone will support Jio and Google’s app. The android operating system will be used in Jio Phone Next.

Apart from a voice assistant, automatic read-aloud off-screen text, language translation, smart camera, more features will be present in this smartphone. The biggest feature of this phone is that it will be a 5G smartphone.

Features of Jio Phone Next
voice assistant
Automatic read-aloud off-screen text
language translation
Smart Camera Filters AR Filters

Jio Phone Next - 5G Jio Phone Next Features