Have You Heard About The Jio’s Latest News? In Which They’ve Revealed That They Will Soon Launch Their Own Jio Laptop In Which There Will Be An Option To Insert The 4G Sim To Use The Cellular Data Packs.

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Dependence Jio Is Going To Make Another Big Bang After The Sim Launch In The Telecom World In 2016. As indicated by The Reports, Jio Could Launch The Laptop Soon. This Laptop Will Be Able To Handle A Regular Size Io 4G Sim Inside It.

Around Fifty Lakh Laptops Are Sold In India Every Year. A large portion Of These Are Connected Via Home Or Public Wi-Fi. Maybee Jio Is Planning To Completely Change The User Experience Of Computer Users. Particularly For Those Who Are Using Laptops.

Why? Since After A Person Buy Jio 4G Laptop, The Next Step Will Only Be The “Addition Jio 4G SIM” And He/She Can Enjoy The High-Speed 4G VoLTE Connection Everywhere He Goes.

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Mukesh Ambani Is Planning With Qualcomm And The Planning Is About Launching Jio 4G Laptop Which Will Run On The Latest Windows 10 Operating System In The Indian Market. It Is Known That Qualcomm Has Already Been Working Closely With Reliance Jio’s Feature Phone.