Jio Fiber franchisee and dealership apply online form 2020-2021

How To Apply For Jio Giga Fiber Distributorship?

Once again here, remember that these are not the exact steps. All these are imaginary to help you apply for distributorship faster than anyone else in your location.

  • First of all, go to the Jio Partner Central website.
  • Go to the products and services page.
  • Here you will see all the services of Reliance Jio.
  • Now from there, click on Become a Distributor button.
  • Once you click on the button, it will show you some basic requirements to apply for a dealership or whole Jio services.
  • Basically, when any service is launched which needs an offline distribution channel, an opportunity gets created for normal people to take distributorship of that service or product. The same applies here, as Giga Fiber and TV is going to be a revolutionary product, and seems like it will add great value to people’s lives, it will be in demand. And to serve this demand, Reliance Jio will need more powerful distribution/ dealership channels to deliver the product to the real customers. That’s where Jio Giga Fiber’s distributorship comes into play.

    • As most of the distributorships and franchises give good income stream to the distributors, there is also a chance for people to earn some good income when distributorship comes. Though we are not sure that if there will really be anything like that. But, people who are seeking opportunities should be alert. As this type of business comes in a ‘first come first serve’ basis and tends to give good income, you should always keep your ears on the ground, so that you could apply for distributorship using registration form before anyone in your locality.
    • Before you apply for the dealership, you must have some resources to get started. Below you can see some of the expected requirements that might be a must to be granted as a Giga Fiber distributor:
    • You might need to show that you are currently doing this distribution business with any other good brand.
      You need to have a good place with some investments in it.
      Applicants need to have a good relationship with retailers.
      The sales team of Jio, in your locality, should approve you as a distributor.
    • It is also possible that there will be no way to become a distributor specifically for the Giga Fiber, Giga TV, or Smart Home services only. You might have to take the distributorship of all Jio products. In that case, if there is already a distributor in your locality, you might not be able to get distributorship for you. You will also need good manpower to give new connections to the customers in your city and also to maintain all the connections; you will need a lot of people working with you to solve the problems.