Reliance Jio plans from January 1

Popular Recharge Packs
(With Free Voice)
2GB (28 Days)129149
1GB/Day (24 Days)149199
1.5GB/Day (28 Days)199249
1GB/Day (84 Days)555598

Reliance Jio has dozens of prepaid plans. It ships data between 1GB to 3GB; however, 1GB data packs are quite affordable in comparison to other packs. The first pack in this list is priced at Rs. 149, which is offering 1GB of data per day. It includes 100 messages per day and a complimentary subscription to all Jio apps for 24 days.

Rs129 Plan: The plan offers 2GB of data together with free national voice calls.
Rs 149 Plan: The plan offers 1GB/Day data for its users. The legitimacy for exactly the exact same lasts for 2-4 days. The master plan offers 100 SMS daily and also a free Jio apps subscription.
Rs 199 Plan: The plan offers 1.5GB of data every day and a validity of 28 days. Additionally, it offers free voice calls and a complimentary subscription to Jio programs. The program also offers endless messages (100 each day).
Rs 555 Plan: The plan now offers 1.5GB of data per day. however, it includes a validity of 84 days. The master plan includes unlimited messages (100 per day) and also a complimentary subscription to Jio apps.