Jio has denied the news on the internet that the start-up plan of Jio Fiber, a leading telecommunications company, will start from Rs. The broadband plans will start from the Rs 699 plan announced on the day of the launch of Jio Fiber. However, Jio has announced a JioFiber Rs199 weekly plan while the Rs 351 plan is not available.

This plan is more like a regular broadband plan .. If the monthly plan data is out in the middle of the month or in the last week, then you can take advantage of this. But this JioFiber Rs199 plan can get unlimited data at a speed of 100 mbps for 7 days. This plan enables unlimited calls, TV video calling for free. The total amount payable for this plan is Rs 235 when combined with GST.

There have been many predictions on Jio Fiber since the day it was announced. Once Jio Fiber comes in. Everyone thinks that the survival of the rest of the Broad Band is going to be difficult. But once the Jio fiber arrives, the scene is reversed. Jio Fiber has not been able to meet its expectations in the market. The public response to Jio-fiber has been similar.