Which Jio fiber plan is best?

Jiofiber  (Monthly)
Plan Name Monthly Rental Internet SpeedData LimitUnlimited Calls OTT Apps 
30 MbpsRs 39930 Mbps3,300 GBIncludedN/A
100 MbpsRs 699100 Mbps3,300 GBIncludedN/A
150 MbpsRs 999150 Mbps3,300 GBIncluded
300 MbpsRs 1,499300 Mbps3,300 GBIncluded
500 MbpsRs 2,499500 Mbps3,300 GBIncluded
1 GbpsRs 3,9991 Gbps3,300 GBIncluded
1 GbpsRs 8,4991 Gbps3,300 GBIncluded

Jiofiber  (Quarterly)
Plan Name  Quarterly Rental Internet SpeedData LimitUnlimited Calls OTT Apps 
30 Mbps₹119730 MbpsUnlimitedIncludedN/A
100 Mbps₹2097100 MbpsUnlimitedIncludedN/A
150 Mbps₹2997150 MbpsUnlimitedIncluded
300 Mbps₹4497300 MbpsUnlimitedIncluded
500 Mbps₹7497500 MbpsUnlimitedIncluded
1 Gbps₹119971 GbpsUnlimitedIncluded
1 Gbps₹254971 Gbps6600GB Data/MonthIncluded

Jiofiber  (Semi-annual)
Plan Name Semi-Annual Rental Internet SpeedData LimitUnlimited Calls OTT Apps 
30 Mbps₹239430 MbpsUnlimitedIncludedN/A
100 Mbps₹4194100 MbpsUnlimitedIncludedN/A
150 Mbps₹5994150 MbpsUnlimitedIncluded
300 Mbps₹8994300 MbpsUnlimitedIncluded
500 Mbps₹14994500 MbpsUnlimitedIncluded
1 Gbps₹239941 GbpsUnlimitedIncluded
1 Gbps₹509941 Gbps6600GB Data/MonthIncluded

Jiofiber  (Annual)
Plan Name Annual Rental Internet SpeedData LimitUnlimited Calls OTT Apps 
30 Mbps₹478830 MbpsUnlimitedIncludedN/A
100 Mbps₹8388100 MbpsUnlimitedIncludedN/A
150 Mbps₹11988150 MbpsUnlimitedIncluded
300 Mbps₹17988300 MbpsUnlimitedIncluded
500 Mbps₹29988500 MbpsUnlimitedIncluded
1 Gbps₹479881 GbpsUnlimitedIncluded
1 Gbps₹1019881 Gbps6600GB Data/MonthIncluded


-GST additional on applicable components.

Terms & Conditions 

  • Voice is truly free, with no charge towards voice or the data used to make voice calls.
  • The tariffs are exclusive of Goods and Service Tax (GST) unless mentioned otherwise. One month denotes 30 days unless specified otherwise.
  • The Plans are intended only for the personal use of included services. RJIL reserves the right to discontinue Unlimited Data benefits offered as part of the Plans in case of misuse/ fraudulent use/ unauthorised telemarketing and commercial use. RJIL believes that to provide the best possible experience for the most possible users with the optimal capacity and network performance, it is necessary to encourage responsible use by consumers. To avoid abuse of Unlimited Data benefits by a few that affects the vast majority of other users, for such plans, RJIL will identify and treat any consumption by a customer beyond 3300 GB of data in a 30-day recharge cycle; as misuse of the benefits provided. Upon reaching such a limit in a recharge cycle, RJIL reserves the right to withdraw the plan benefits in the form of data used for such consumers without giving any prior notice.
  • The voice benefits under the Plan voucher cannot be used for outgoing calls to premium numbers, IN numbers, and other chargeable short codes; the subscriber will be charged applicable tariffs for the same.
  • Talktime mentioned in the Top-up voucher refers to the monetary value that can be used for availing chargeable services, while the subscriber is on an action plan.
  • The prepaid recharge once processed, can neither be refunded for cash nor be transferred to any other account.
  • Unutilized free benefits will be forfeited at the end of validity.
  • The data used by the consumers for Jio applications, Video calls, and other content available on the internet would be uniformly debited against plan data allocation.
  • The Prepaid Fixed line tariff plans can only be availed by customers possessing compatible Customer Premise Equipment.
  • The Subscribers are provided with advance recharge options in all of the plans with associated benefits and discounts. The subscribers are free to opt for any of these options or avail of the monthly recharge option.
  • Data charges will be applicable for both incoming and outgoing video calls.
  • Please ensure that you have sufficient balance and refer the applicable international charges before initiating ISD calls.
  • The plan MRP has components for device lease and platform services. Please check the recharge invoice/ receipt for details.
  • One time refundable amount includes deposit for devices and advance towards installation services (Rs 1,000). Refundable only if service is discontinued in the 30 day trial period upon return of devices in working condition.
  • Commercial use policy of 3300 GB applicable on all Truly Unlimited Plans.