Jio Fiber, otherwise called Jio GigaFiber, disclosed its broadband web anticipates September 5 and the buyers still can’t choose which plan offers all the more value for their money. Jio

Fiber spread out six distinct plans with the cost running from Rs 699 for the Bronze prepaid arrangement to Rs 8,499 for the Titanium plan. The base arrangement offers 100GB information at 100 Mbps while the top 1Gbps arrangement offers 5,000GB information.

Be that as it may, the sweet spot or the best arrangement for a home client lies someplace in the center.

Jio has divided its arrangements into Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum, and Titanium. The Diamond, Platinum, and the Titanium plans of JioFiber are outfitted towards the top of the line clients and workplaces.

Both Titanium and Platinum plans offer 1Gbps (125MBps) speeds through the JioFiber Diamond prepaid arrangement offers 500 Mbps (62.5 MBps) speed and about a terabyte of information.

Every one of the three plans offers business-grade associations and are pointless excess for private use. Additionally, the rapid of 1Gbps rely upon gadgets organize interface card. The gadget, for example, cell phone or the PC, is the weakest connection in the chain to accepting the rapid web association.

Most cell phones are constrained by their system interface cards to velocities well underneath 1Gbps.


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On the opposite part of the arrangement range, the base Jio Fiber plans offer nice 100 Mbps speeds yet offer just 100GB and 200GB information separately. Any client viewing regular YouTube content in HD will deplete the fast information limit inside 1-2 weeks.

The sweet spot descends at the Gold prepaid arrangement of Jio Fiber that offers 250 Mbps speed and 500GB information for Rs 1299. Most homes can without much of a stretch capacity with 250 Mbps association. Likewise, a 250 Mbps association is all that anyone could need for spilling Netflix content at full HD goals on numerous gadgets. Other than the speed, the Gold arrangement accompanies the yearly membership of OTT applications. Then again, the Bronze arrangement just offers 3 months of JioCinema and JioSaavn, wherease the Silver arrangement accompanies just 3 months of OTT application membership.