The 1Gbps speed sounds truly great on paper yet do you truly require it in your home? 1Gbps speed matters just for a power client or in the endeavor situation. For an easygoing home client, 100 Mbps is sufficient to stream



Free OTT Launched 



Netflix at full HD goals on numerous gadgets at the same time. YouTube doesn’t cushion and everything runs easily. On the off chance that you need to play 4K content on TV, at that point Jio’s Gold arrangement that offers 250 Mbps would get the job done.

For a 2-year membership of the Gold arrangement at Rs 31,176, clients can likewise get a 24-inch HD TV with a retail cost of Rs 12,990 for nothing.


Other than that, clients will likewise get the standard Jio Home Gateway worth Rs 5,000 + 4K Set Top Box worth Rs 6,400.